Three Things


We made it through the winter. April is finally here and all the birds are talking about it. I just wanted to give a quick update about some exciting things that have been happening this past month.

  1. March House Show – Thank you so much to those that came out to the house show a few weeks ago. It was an encouraging night filled with sing-a-longs and friendly faces; I loved having the opportunity to play some of the new songs I’ve been working on.
  2. Evergreen Arts – Last month my good friend Elsa Jayne and I were finally able to announce our new record label, Evergreen Arts. We think we can accomplish much more together and we’re hoping this label will be a really meaningful collaboration moving forward. Please go follow us at @evergreenartskw to keep up!
  3. New Songs – Something has changed in me recently and I can’t stop writing songs. This has shifted my timeline a bit, as I was hoping to have more recording done by now. However, I’ve been really loving the songs that have been coming out and I think you will too. I’m learning to trust the process. This next record is really starting to take shape (I even have a title now, shhhhhhh..) and I can’t wait to share more as the months go by.

Talk soon,

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